Summertime and The Living's Easy (In Your Own Backyard)


It’s officially summer y’all and we couldn’t be more excited! When we think about summer we think of sunny days, cool drinks, and our kiddos and grand-kiddos playing outside. As much as we enjoy heading to the beach or pool, one of our favorite spots to hang with family and friends is right in the backyard. There's so much fun stuff to do, just steps away from home. So this summer why not discover the adventure in your own backyard?



Now that the kids are out of school and have a lot more free time, it’s good to find activities to keep them busy (and away from those pesky screens). Our Sunny Side UP gardens are the perfect activity to do that, and what kid would say no to playing in dirt?! We have a number of kid-friendly garden options like the Little Summer Fun Garden, Kaleidoscope Garden, or Little Pizza Garden.


Once they plant their egg carton garden, they can follow along and take care of it as it grows. With the grow journal included they can keep a daily log of it’s progress and watch as their seedlings sprout, measuring to see how high they grow, watering them daily, and then transplanting them to the backyard garden or patio.

The coolest part about these gardens is that you can actually make crafts and food with the flowers and plants you've grown! You’ll grow birdhouse gourds, luffa sponges, big orange pumpkins, pizza ingredients, pretty flowers to make kaleidoscopes, and much more. How fun right?!

You can join in on the fun and plant one yourself with our GROW Garden line for adults! Check them out here and start planting Sunflowers, Salsa, Herbs, Cocktails—anything you want!

Another favorite thing we enjoy in the summer is grilling in the backyard. Sitting outside and chatting with family and friends, drinking some tasty beverages, and grillin’ up some yummy food. Summer is supposed to be relaxing and fun for everyone, so with our Grilling Tin Spices we’re helping you spend less time in the kitchen prepping and more time outside lounging.

Our grilling spices and rubs bring out the bold flavors in your favorite summer dishes, all you need is some olive or veggie oil and you’re ready to cook!

Easy peasy, nice and easy!
Check out our all natural and gluten free spice blends, we’ve got options for all your favorite entrees and sides! Peppered Garlic Steak & Burger Rub, Lemon Zest & Garlic Chicken Rub, Rosemary, Lemon & Dill Seafood Grilling Herbs, and Sweet Chipotle Grilled Corn Rub. Yum!

You can order any of these items at!  Eat, grow, play all summer long!

Have fun and stay cool out there folks! 😎