Our Story

The Backyard Safari Company was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Clyde & Sherri Hutchison. Located in Covington, Georgia, the company’s philosophy is all about spending less time in the kitchen and more time outside having fun!

 Clyde and Sherri found that after selling their chocolate factory and moving to the country, they made more and more excuses to stay and entertain at home. 

Gardening and butterflies, became a passion for Sherri and most days Clyde can be found tromping through the woods, camera in hand, with their dog, Jackson, identifying plants and trees and photographing the amazing scenes found in nature.

A perfect weekend, is hanging out with friends and family, throwing some burgers on the grill, and watching the kids play in the yard. Gathering together to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

They created The Backyard Safari Company as a reflection of their love of nature and the coming together of friends and family; sharing a sense of community and realizing what matters most in life.

Small-batch blended, all natural and gluten free, Backyard Safari’s Gourmet Meal Starters make a yummy family meal in about 30 minutes. And Backyard Safari Egg Carton Gardening Kits make growing plants in small spaces, a success, even for the novice gardener.

So, whether it's spending time together around the dinner table with family or chatting with friends over the garden fence, it’s the people around us that make the difference. So celebrate life, enjoy every moment and discover the adventure in your own backyard!


  Co-Founders  - Clyde & Sherri Hutchison (& Jackson)



New York Fancy Food Show - Gold sofi™ Winner

Dinner Black Bean Tortilla Chili Mix                                                                         

Soup, Stew, Bean or Chili Category

New York Fancy Food Show - Gold sofi™ Winner

Dinner Tonight White Bean Chili Mix                                                                         

Soup, Stew, Bean or Chili Category

Dallas Mart - Gourmet Gold Winner

Dinner Tonight White Bean Chili Mix                                                                           

Best Chili or Soup          

Atlanta Americasmart ICON Honors

Sunny Side Up Egg Carton Gardens

Best Innovative Product Design


Meet our team



Office Manager – Peggy Hodges

 Peggy, with her adventurous spirit and addiction to outrageously spicy foods, is the friendly voice you hear when you call us. Her motto of living each day to the fullest and belief that there is a new adventure around every corner, keeps us laughing and makes working with her so much fun!


Quality Assurance Manager – Nancy Crowder 

Married 46 years to her high school sweetheart, Nancy is an accomplished chef whose passion is authentic southern cooking. And her critical eye for detail insures that our products are the very best that they can be! She keeps our whole team, on track and on our toes!



Shipping Manager – Cathy Allen

Cathy is a master puzzler, who can fit any combination of products in to the smallest box possible! She is always thinking of our customers, and tries to save on shipping charges whenever she can. Her optimistic personality and inner light shines brightly and she brings great joy to our team!



Garden Project Manager – Pam Fincher

 Pam helps us keep everything in perspective, when the going gets crazy.  And with her amazing juggling skills, she makes sure that we never miss a deadline! Our energizer bunny extraordinaire!



Seed Coordinator – Cathy McGriff

Cathy's passion for animals and love of learning makes her a great addition to our team. Keeping track of all of our seed varieties isn't an easy job, but  Cathy handles it easily, with her happy attitude and sunny smile!