Get Your Gardens Ready, It's The Start Of Spring

Can you believe it? It's the first week of Spring!

Even though our neighbors in the Northeast still have some snow on the ground, it doesn't mean we can't start talking about gardens. In fact, our gardens begin to grow inside anyway so it's the perfect time to start!

Our line of Sunny Side Up Gardens is the perfect activity to do with your children, it will teach them how to grow their own plants and vegetables while also giving them the responsibility to take care of something. Just take a look at our Little Fresh Veggie Garden coming to life in the video below!


As you can see, our little crates come with everything you need—just add some love, care, and water! And we have more than just our veggie garden, we have gardens that grow flowers, pizza ingredients, and even birdhouses! Check out the whole line here! 

It really is one of the best activities you can do with your kids. We still remember our first butterfly garden that we started with our granddaughter, we were all so excited to be building something together from scratch and watching it grow! That's why we started Backyard Safari Company, because of our love for food, nature, and the coming together of friends and family.

And while parents, teachers, and adults have a ball with our kids line too, we have a line just for grown-ups as well. Grow your own ingredients to make your own salsa, cocktails, pizza, and more! Perfect as a gift or a fun activity for a night in! Check out our entire line of Grow Gardens here!

If you're a school or an organization that would like to talk to us about a bulk order, just get in touch here and we'll get back to you ASAP! 

Thanks ya'll!

— Sherri & Clyde