New Gardens Growing...

It's transplanting day! I've been growing some of our new gardens and today they are ready to transplant :)

I absolutely can't believe how quickly the Grow Sunflowers and Grow Greens have sprouted...8 days and they are more than ready to live outside! I probably should have transplanted them a day or two ago, but it was a super busy week and today is the first chance that I've had...oh how I love Saturday mornings :)

Here's what my Grow Sunflowers Garden looks like this morning ~


And here is my Grow Greens Garden!

I'm going to transplant the Grow Greens to a slightly shady area on the patio, so they won't wilt as we get into the warm summer weather...but it's full sun for the Sunflowers!!


And our new Grow Garden display came in! Wooohooo!!!

It was a very good week :)