I believe I've met my match!!! March 14 2017, 1 Comment

Wow!!  What a Hot  sauce! From the Bisbee Hot n' Spicy Company,  Bisbee be Flamin (Carolina Reaper) packs an explosive amount of heat. And it has an AWESOME taste, that keeps you going back for more.

So, if you dare to "take on"  the Hottest Pepper on the planet, THE Carolina Reaper, then this is definitely the hot sauce for you!

It will leave your ears burning...seriously!

Warning...you may need a fire hose to put out the heat :)


If you ever find yourself in Bisbee, Arizona  be sure to visit their retail location on Main Street ~ But in the meantime you can satisfy your spicy cravings on-line :)


Be sure to check out all their great products and get your Bisbee Be Flamin, Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce!

 ~ Peggy